About us

What is DSC-NUS?

DSC NUS is made up of people from diverse backgrounds, majors, years of study, genders and races.

We come together to push our mission of #TechforGood.

What is the Technology team about?

The Technology team is responsible for the execution of DSC-NUS workshops and thematic tech events. We also take up tech advisory roles for club-wide DSC-NUS events such as the Hack For Good 2020 hackathon.

Founding team

August 2019 - Present

Head of Technology
Melodies Sim

Deputy Head of Technology
Evan Tay

Web Development Associates
Andre Wong, Kyler Lim, Lim Jun Hup, Low En Hao

Data Analytics Associates
Ang Yi Zhe, Chua Jing Yang, Jet New, Michael Yang